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Wed 14 April 2021 16.00-16.45 BST 
'Conspiracies' Online Event
ク リス・カトラーの Conspiracies日本時間4月15日(木)深夜0時から0時45分(4月14日深夜24時から24時45分)まで
Chris Cutler, Yumi Hara and Guy Harries with students of Music Performance and Production at University of East London perform Chris Cutler's instruction/game/graphic score piece 'Conspiracies'.
'Conspiracies' was first performed at Angelica Festival in Bologna in 2015, then it has been performed every year at UEL except 2020. We now have figured out how to do online performance!
ク リス・カトラーの <Conspiracies>をクリス・カトラー、ユミ・ハラ、ガイ・ハリーズ、イーストロンドン大学学生でオンライン演奏しま す!!
FREE, but booking strictly required for online security reasons via yumicity'at'hotmail.com
無 料ですが予約必須です yumicity'at'hotmail.com

Sun 18 July 2021 [postponed]
Mrs Dolphin, Osaka
Yumi Hara Birthday Live
with Decalco Marie more TBC

Tue 20 July 2021
Akihabara GOODMAN
Yumi Hara Birthday Live

confirmed musicians so far:

Yumi Hara (voice, piano, keyboard)
Miwazow (voice, koto, ching-dong percussion, from Half the Sky, CICALA-MVTA, etc)
Wataru Ohkuma (cl, sax, from Half the Sky, CICALA-MVTA, etc)
Rie Takeuchi (sax)
Itoken (drums)
Toshiaki Sudoh (bass,from Melt Banana, Mou Shinda Hitotachi, THE WATTS sessions etc)

Tatsuya Yoshida (drums, from Ruins, Korekyojinn, etc)
Natsuki Kido
(guitar, from Bondage Fruit, Korekyojinn, etc)


Sat 11-Sun 12 September 2021
Yumi Hara
2-day residency at Cafe OTO
(re-re-scheduled dates from 27-28 June 2020, then 26-27 June 2020)

【Yumi Hara retrospective focusing on the past 10 years of her activities】
<This is a third capacity, mask wearing & social distancing event>
Yumi OTO Residency
Chris Cutler has had to withdraw from the Yumi Hara 2-Day Residency at Cafe Oto to self-isolate. We are glad to announce that we've been able to persuade Guy Evans to leap to the rescue. Guy is best known as the drummer for Van Der Graaf Generator. He also played with The Misunderstood, Arthur Brown, Amon Dl 11 and Mother Gong. He is a founder member of Echo City, a band of musician-designers who perform on giant self-made instruments, collectively known as sonic playgrounds. He now regularly plays in the improvising collective, AMM All Stars, whose live performances and xenochronic compositions are broadcast weekly on Resonance FMs Late Lunch With Out To Lunch. We are all looking forwards very much to working with him this weekend.

Sat 11 September 2021
Itako Sisters (Yumi Hara + Atsuko Kamura)
THE WATTS (Yumi Hara, Tim Hodgkinson, Guy Evans)
Chle Herington solo
Yumi solo material / Lindsay Cooper Songbook Alone+ / Canterbury Favourites
(Yumi Hara, Tim Hodgkinson, Guy Evans, Pierre Chevalier, Atsuko Kamura, Chloe Herington)
DJ Marina Organ (The Other Rock Show/Resonance FM)
Sun 12 September 2021
Yumi Hara & Guy Harries
The Artaud Beats (Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, John Greaves, Guy Evans)
monobeat (Zappi Diermeier, Elke Drapatz, Guy Harries)
Jump for Joy! (Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, Jean-Herv Pron, Zappi Diermaier, Geraldine Swayne, Guy Evans)
DJ Lumpen Nobleman (ContraPop/Extra Normal Records)
Tickets available from Cafe OTO website:
day tickets: 20 members, 22 advance, 24 door
two-days tickets: 36 members, 40 advance
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