26 October 2019

THE WATTS (Yumi Hara, Tim Hodgkinson, Chris Cutler) debut CD Decoherence out now!!

THE WATTS Japan Tour 2019 dates now confirmed. Please visit gig dates page.

Yumi Hara 2nd solo album launch + retrospective 2-day residency at Cafe OTO, 27-28 June 2020 has been announced.
THE WATTS, Jump for Joy!, Itako Sisters, Sonic Rituals duo, Lindsay Cooper Songbook Alone+, Yumi Solo materials+Canterbury Favorites are confirmed so far, more TBC
OTO June 2020 flyer

12 February 2019

*The Lindsay Cooper Songbook group regret to announce that for the forthcoming concerts in March, Dagmar will not be performing with us. This is due to a serious back condition from which she needs more time to recover. Stepping in as lead vocalist is Atsuko Kamura, whose work we have admired for many years. Kamura began in music in the 80's as vocalist and bassist of Mizutama Shobodan (Polka Dot Fire Brigade), the first feminist punk band in Japan. She toured the US with Tenko as the Honeymoons, joined the Frank Chickens in London, and the anglo-Japanese jazz progressive rock band Setsubun Bean Unit, and initiated projects such as I am a Kamura, with Robert Storey, and Kamura Obscura. Throughout her work she has maintained clear political, feminist, and ecological positions, campaigning recently against nuclear power, following the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

3 February 2019

*Lindsay Cooper Songbook will celebrate International Women's Day 2019. Performance full tour dates have been announced:

7 March 2019: 'Canterbury Sans Frontiéres presents Lindsay Cooper Songbook' Lindsay Cooper Songbook, Free Range, Garage Coffee @ Fruitworks, 1-2 Jewry Lane, Canterbury, CT2 2NR, 7.30pm

8 March 2019: Lindsay Cooper Songbook celebrates International Women's Day, [opening: THE WATTS, Chloe Herington solo, Mitsuru Nasuno solo] Cafe OTO [buy tickets], 18–22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL

9 March 2019: Lindsay Cooper Songbook, Bonn, Germany,
Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena Bornheimer Straße 130, 53119 Bonn http://www.kreuzung-helena.de/home/

10 March 2019: Lindsay Cooper Songbook, Münster, Germany,
Theater im Pumpenhaus Gartenstraße 123, 48147 Münster https://www.pumpenhaus.de/

31 Jan 2019

*'Prince to Nihon, 4EVER IN MY LIFE' (Prince & Japan, Japanese Language, Shinko Music) has been published today. Including my interview. I formed Japanese Official Prince Fan Club in the '80s, so.

25 December 2018

*THE WATTS will be performing as one of the opening acts for Lindsay Cooper Songbook celebrating International Women's Day 2019, 8 March 2019 at Cafe OTO, London. Other acts include Chloe Herington solo and Mitsuru Nasuno solo. buy tickets

16 December 2018

*NEW RELEASE 1: The Artaud Beats 'Nodutgang Bodo 28.10.11' CD

*NEW RELEASE 2: you me & us 'Rain Check' DVD

and these got No1 & No2 on DISK UNION prog rock online sales hit chart on 14 Dec 2018!

*Lindsay Cooper Songbook will celebrate International Women's Day 2019. Performance dates are

7 March 2019: Free Range, Canterbury

8 March 2019 International Women's Day: Cafe OTO buy tickets 

9 March 2019: Bonn, Germany,

10 March 2019: Munster, Germany (TBC)

*THE WATTS will be performing at Rock in Opposition 2019, 11 May, at Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin-Jallieu, France
for details, please see GIG DATES 2019

12 June 2017

Yumi will present a paper regarding performing Lindsay Cooper's music by Half the Sky at The First International Conference on Women’s Work in Music, Bangor University, 6 September. (Next performance of Lindsay Cooper's music by Half the Sky will be at Cafe OTO, London, on 22 June and Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst, Germany, on 25 June).


14 Feb 2017

Half the Sky will be playing in UK and Germany in June 2017 for the first time!


4 Oct 2016

Jump for Joy! and Half the Sky successfully completed Rock in Opposition 2016 performances. We had overwhelming responses, thank you so much for everyone there!

Jump for Joy's debut album 'Bat Pullover' CD is now ready to ship from ReR and Disk Union (Japan), LP to follow soon.

Half the Sky Tokyo dates have been announced, 30 Nov-2 Dec 2016 and workshop on 4 Dec

Meanwhile, Yumi will be on solo and collaborations tour in Japan, 21-31 Oct, please see gig dates page for details.


31 May 2016

Tim Hodgkinson and Yumi Hara will be joining Marina Organ's THE OTHER ROCK SHOW at Resonance FM on 5 June 2016, 9-10pm BST


22 May 2016

Yumi will be playing the harp for Tony Lowe's ESP project recording and launch concert on 11 Nov at 229 The Venue, 229 Great Portland Street, W1W 5PN

with Tony Lowe, Mark Brzezicki, David Cross, David Jackson, Phil Spalding, Steve Gee, John Beagley, John Young, Alison Fleming, Pat Orchard. To find out more about the event - http://sunncreative.com/latest/esp-a-prog-rock-tour-de-force/

15 May 2016

John Greaves will join us on 17 June at I'klectik,

so final lineup: Tim Hodgkinson, Yumi Hara, Geraldine Swayne, John Greaves.

more info

new date: Yumi will be performing at Club Integral at I'klectik on 6 July with

Yuki Kaneko (Indian style violin), Naomi Motomura (g), Poulomi Desai (sitar, electronics). absolutuly eclectic four women perform uncategolisable!! more info

4 May 2016

New gig dates...more to be confirmed...

16 June 2016, UEL Practice as Research event series #1

Tim Hodgkinson Music and the Myth of Wholeness: toward a new aesthetic paradigm book launch, talk & performance with Dr Yumi Hara and Dr Guy Harries more info

17 June 2016, I'klectik

Tim Hodgkinson, Yumi Hara, Geraldine Swayne +more TBC more info


2 May 2016

several radio archives uploaded:

24 April 2016, Stuart Marconie's Freak Zone (BBC Radio 6, available 28 days) [Logos]

29 April 2016, Clear Spot, Creativeworks Festival (Resonance FM, archived) [Convection 1, for piano with PNOscan, electronics progrmmed by Guy Harries, performed by Kate Ryder, introduced by John Sloboda, from 16:38] 


8 April 2016


New gig dates: 13 April 2016, University of East London, with Patrick Evans, Yumi will play the harp

20 April 2016, Cafe OTO, with Guy Harries, Sonic Rituals set
29 April 2016, Kings College Chapel, First performance of Yumi’s new piece for piano with PNOscan and electronics, performed by Kate Ryder, electronics programming by Guy Harries


10 February 2016

Jump for Joy! live recording at Gothenburg will be broadcast on 16 Feb on Swedish Radio.


21 January 2016

Jump for Joy! and Half the Sky will be performing at RIO 2016, 17 Sept and 18 Sept consecutively.

Half the Sky's new lineup has been announced: Dagmar Krause and Chlöe Herington, bsn and sax from Knifeworld will be joining in

10 December 2015

Half the Sky and Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara Japan tour has been completed successfully.

Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara will perform Chris's instruction piece and other pieces with students of University of East London on Wed 3 Feb 2016, 1pm, at University Square Stratford building


22 September 2015

Tracks from LOGOS by The Artaud Beats were broadcast on Late Junction, BBC Radio 3 and Battiti, RAI Radio 3 (Italy) recently.

Please visit here for links and details

'Madamme 0' from CD Poesy at Play by you me & us was broadcast on NHK-FM and Chris Cutler and Yumi's messages were read during tribute to Daevid Allen section of a special all day prog programme on 21 Sept. You can listen here

Guy Harries & Yumi Hara will be playing on Minesweeper boat on 27 Sept as part of Creek Festival II, and 17 Oct, part of Classwar Karaoke event

Yumi Hara & Sato Yukie and Dollhouse Residents will be on Japan Tour 24 Oct-1 Nov.

'Half the Sky: Music of Lindsay Cooper' 3-5 Dec in Japan. Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler, Keiko Komori, Yuriko Mokoujima, Miwazou Kogure, Wataru Ohkuma, Mitsuru Nasuno will play new arrangements of pieces written by Lindsay Cooper for Henry Cow and News from Babel.

Visit Gig Dates page for details

22 July 2015

NEW! Sign up here for Newsletter by email, all events and release info related to Yumi Hara, The Artaud Beats, you me & us and Bonobo's Ark records

LOGOS by The Artaud Beats is getting good reviews and airplay...BBC Radio 3 Late Junction will be playing a track sometime between 28 and 30 July.

WHEELS within WHEELS gig with Tim Hodgkinson, Geoff Leigh, Guy Harries, Steve Davis, Marina Organ on 15 July got very detailed review here 

Please see AB facebook page for all the updates


26 June 2015

Yumi will make guest appearance on Interesting Alternative Show at Phoenix FM hosted by Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi on Mon 6 July 2015, 10pm-midnight BST. You can listen online at:


There is a chat room and webcam apparently

on Fri 10 July 2015, Guy Harries & Yumi Hara will do a studio live performance for a radio programme hosted by Graham Dunning (details TBC)

on Wed 15 July 2015, Yumi Hara, Tim Hodgkinson, Guy Harries (more TBC) will be performing and perhaps DJ sets at Yumi's almost birthday event (details TBC)

at Redchurch Brewery




16 June 2015

Wheels within Wheels, new live and location recording album by Guy Harries & Yumi Hara will be released from Sombre Soniks on 23 July. It will be digital distribution, but we will make limited number of CDRs too which are better sound quality.

Japanese version of LOGOS by The Artaud Beats will be released on 1 July from DiskUnion. This is the same disk and jacket as original version, with Japanese obi and liner notes attached.

Jump for Joy! band is back: Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, Chris Cutler, Zappi, Jean-Herve Peron and Geraldine Swayne will be playing at Jazz Is Dangerous, Jazz Är Farligt, one day jazz festival, at Taubescenen, Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg on 12 Aug.


Keiji Haino, Slynkören, Baby Grandmothers + Slowgold have also been confirmed.

19 May 2015

LOGOS, the first studio recording CD album by The Artaud Beats (Geoff Leigh, Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler, John Greaves) will be launched on 5 June 2015 at Le Triton, near Paris.


29 April 2015

Venue change for 10 May Club Integral gig due to unforeseen circumstances,

now it is at The Others. please see gig dates page for details

Tim Hodgkinson is also performing with us!

Chris Cutler, Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, Tim hodgkinson, Kengo Sakamoto and Kazuya Uechi will be playing in various combinations and all together

Yumi will be making a guest appearance at Club Integral Radio Show, Resonance FM on 6 May, 9.30-10.30pm

Special website is now uploaded for 8 May 'Music Culture in Okinawa and RIO' performance and Talk event (Chris Cutler, Yumi Hara, Kengo Sakamoto, Kazuya Uechi) http://rioaj.okinawa/main/


28 March 2015

New gig date announced, please see gig dates page for details

Sun 10 May 2015, Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara with Kengo Sakamoto and Kazuya Uechi + Geoff Leigh, Club Integral at The Others (please note venue change)

My old score 'Yume no Yo ni' for violin, cello and piano, was featured alongside notable women composers and sound artists in the 'Celebrating International Women's Day with British Music Collection' online exhibition curated by Poulomi Usurp Desai for Sound and Music featured on the Google Cultural Institute web site. Although my main musical activities until mid-2000s used to be writing for other performers, Poulomi knew me as more like avant-rock performer/improviser, so, Poulomi says:

'when I found your score, I was very pleased and astonished! And it is because of all the other musics you are involved with that it made sense with what my original ideas were'

other featured women composers, sound artists, sound magicians and conductors: Alwynne Pritchard, Angela Morley, Anna Friz, Claudia Molitor, Diana Burrell, Errollyn Wallen, Ethel Leginska, Ethel Smyth, Feminist Improvising Group, Iris Garrelfs Janet Beat, Jo Thomas, Judith Weir, Ain Bailey, Lindsay Cooper, Magz Hall, Michelle Marie Lewis-King, Nicola LeFanu, Phyllis Tate, Polystyrene, Priti Paintal, La Horrox, Rebecca Saunders, Riot Grrrls, Riz Maslen, Shirley J. Thompson

So, you can imagine how I felt when I found my name together with Lindsay...I am so honoured...



18 March 2015

Daevid Allen has departed from this planet on 13 March, but he is always with us.

Chris and Yumi are planning to make DVD from 2013 Japan tour for the people who have 'rain check' from 2014 Japan tour.

New gig dates announced, please see gig dates page for details

Tue 26 May, I'm going to play with David Cross (ex-King Crimson, violin), David Jackson (ex-VdGG, saxophones) and Tony Lowe (guitar) as 'David Cross and Friends' for Starless Starlight CD launch event at The Bedford in Balham. I have played with David Cross in 2007, and released an album 'Dream of the Gryllidae' with Tony Lowe in 2010, but this will be the first occasion to play with David Jackson.

And long awaited The Artaud Beats date in Europe at Le triton on Fri 5 June.


3 February 2015

New gig dates announced, I will have some guests from Japan this year:

11 March 2015, Haco, Guy Harries & Yumi Hara, Black Box Studio, University of East London, 6.30pm. Haco will give a lecture, then we all play together.

8 May 2015, Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara with Kengo Sakamoto (b, Koenji Hyakkei) and Kazuya GACHA Uechi (b), Stratford Circus, part of FUEL, London,7.30-9pm. We will play an improvised set, then there will be a panel discussion about music making in Okinawa with regards to the importance of venues as nuturing space in comparison to London.


28 January 2015

Yumi started to do recording with Chris Cutler for her second solo album.


16 December 2014

you me & us London Live CDR (hand-drawing replicated version) is back in stock

please go to Discography and Shop page

2 December 2014

Guy Harries & Yumi Hara Sonic Retuals LP launch Japan tour dates (6-13 Dec) are now on Gig dates page

4 November 2014

Guy Harries & Yumi Hara will perform at DREAM MACHINE @ Apiary Studios, 30 Nov 2014

Also Japan tour dates have been confirmed. See Gig dates page

7 October 2014

Guy Harries & Yumi Hara will perform at instore@ electric knife records, 16 Oct 2014, Kentish Town, 16b Fortess Rd, London NW5 2EU, 7pm

30 September 2014

Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara change of venue for workshop

workshop will be held at Koenji After Beat Studio, not the one in Okusawa.

Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara will do workshop, talk & performance in several places prior to RIO JAPAN festival in November.

8 Nov, Tokyo, Koenji, AFTER BEAT STUDIO, Improvisation Workshop

9 Nov, Tokyo, Sendagi, new BAR ISSHEE, Talk & Performance with Mitsuru Nasuno (b, Korekyojinn, Altered States etc)

10 Nov, Osaka, BEARS, Talk & Performance with Seiichi Yamamoto (g)

12 Nov, Okinawa, Urasoe, GROOVE, with Kengo Sakamoto (b, Koenjihyakkei), Dai Uchu Tamago

13 Nov, Kobe, BIG APPLE, The Artaud Beats

14 Nov, Tokyo, Sendagi, new BAR ISSHEE, Talk & Performance with Takashi Seo (db)

15 Nov, Tokyo, O-EAST, RIO JAPAN, The Artaud Beats

21 July 2014

Guy Harries & Yumi Hara will perform at eXperimental electronics on 7 August at THE CASTLE (Upstairs), 44 commercial road, London E1 1LN, and Migro night at St 51, on 6 September

16 June 2014

The Artaud Beats will perform for the first time in the UK at Fort Process Festival, Newhaven, East Sussex, UK (13 Sept).

Also RIO JAPAN 2014, (15 Nov), Tokyo, Japan


11 June 2014

Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara have completed the Japan tour with incredible collaborators wishing Daevid's quick recovery.

Daevid had operation on 11 June successfully.


20 May 2014

Due to sudden illness, Daevid Allen can not take part in Japan tour of you me & us, but Chris Cutler and Yumi Hara decided to go ahead without Daevid as he wanted us to do so. By hearing this news, we got incredible number of musicians to play with us wishing Daevid's quick recovery, including Alfred Harth (CASSIBER etc), Mitsuru Nasuno (Korekyojin, Altered States), Kazutoki Umezu (KIKI Band etc), HACO (After Dinner etc), Ryoko Ono (Sax Ruins) and we call it 'Get Well Soon, Daevid! tour'.

We will issue Rain Cheque (1000 yen worth) with message from Daevid and drawing for all members of audience which can be used against next you me & us Japan tour when Daevid is back. And you can write 'Get Well Soon' message on a special notebook we carry during the tour, and we will pass it to Daevid.

(Hiroshima date only) The first 10 members of audience will receive 'angel bear' handmade by the organiser, and the bears are kissed by the lion puppet which Daevid gave Yumi.

Alfred Harth (ex-CASSIBER, as, pocket trumpet, KAOSS pad) and Sato Yukie, will tour with Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara, upon hearing Daevid Allen's ill health. As Alfred had already left CASSIBER when they did the legendery Japan Tour in 92, so this will be the first ever performance in Japan for both Alfred and Chris play together.

There will be three talk events by Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara during their forthcoming Japan tour: Yamaguchi (25 May), Aomori (1 June) and Akihabara (2 June)

you me & us CD 'Live in Japan' (title TBC) will be released at the beginning of forthcoming Japan tour (23 May-4 June), remastered by Bob Drake.

23 May Tokyo Flying Teapot
'Daevid, Get Well Soon!Night'
With Mito (Clammbon, b) Atsushi Asano (Zypressen, b) Rie Miyazaki (ex-Marble Sheep, Mammmal Machine, Dollhouse Residents, b)
open 18.30/start 19.30, 4000 JPY adv/4500 JPY door (+500 JPY drink order required)
*We will play Canterbury favourites and some Gong material
Possible tunes are:
As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still, O Caroline, Master Builder, Outer Temple, Hope for Happiness, Box 25/4 Lid, We Did it Again, Dedicated to You, Moon in June, Sea Song, Shipbuilding, Dynamite, Slice

24 May Oumi Hachiman Sakedelic Space Shuyukan
Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara DUO
open 17.30/start 18.00, 3500JPY adv/4000 JPY door (with drink)

After party 3000JPY (booking required)
0748-32-2054 http://www.shuyukan.com/
*We will play Canterbury favourites, Yumi's material, improv
*lower ticket prices than originally advertised, so there will be no Rain Check giveaway, but you can get one by paying the original price if you wish to do so

25 May Yamaguchi Yuda Onsen ORGAN'S MELODY
Talk and Performance with SALONDORANGE

talk open 16.30/start 17.00, performance open 19.00/start 19.30,
Talk & performance: 6000 JPY
performance only 4000 JPY adv/4500 JPY door (drink order required)
booking and enq: SALONDORANJU MUSIC 0839-280-389 salondoranjumusi@csc.jp

26 May Iwakuni ROCK COUNTRY
with Alfred Harth and Sato Yukie

support: Yoshio Kobayashi
open 19.00/start 19.30, 3500JPY adv/4000 JPY door (+drink order required)
0827-22-6655 rockcountry@rockcountry.info http://www.rockcountry.info/
*Sato Yukie and ex-CASSIBER Alfred Harth will come from Korea for this occasion
four shows only. Alfred had already left CASSIBER when they did Japan tour in 92
and these are the first occasion for Chris Cutler and Alfred Harth play together in Japan.

27 May Hiroshima OTIS!
with Alfred Harth and Sato Yukie

open 18.30/start 19.30, 4000 JPY adv/4500 JPY door (with drink)
082-249-3885 otis.s@nifty.com
*Sato Yukie and ex-CASSIBER Alfred Harth will come from Korea for this occasion
four shows only. Alfred had already left CASSIBER when they did Japan tour in 92
and these are the first occasion for Chris Cutler and Alfred Harth play together in Japan.

28 May Kobe BIG APPLE
with Alfred Harth and Sato Yukie
opening: HACO

open 18.30/start 19.30, 4000 JPY adv/4500 JPY door (+drink order required)
*1st set: HACO solo, 2nd set: Cutler, Hara, Harth, Sato, then session by all musicians
*Sato Yukie and ex-CASSIBER Alfred Harth will come from Korea for this occasion
four shows only. Alfred had already left CASSIBER when they did Japan tour in 92
and these are the first occasion for Chris Cutler and Alfred Harth play together in Japan.

29 May Tokyo Ogikubo ROOSTER
with Alfred Harth and Sato Yukie

open 19.00/start 20.00, 4000 JPY (+drink order required)
*Sato Yukie and ex-CASSIBER Alfred Harth will come from Korea for this occasion
four shows only. Alfred had already left CASSIBER when they did Japan tour in 92
and these are the first occasion for Chris Cutler and Alfred Harth play together in Japan.
03-5347-7369 http://ogikubo-rooster.com/main/index.html

31 May Sapporo HOT TIME
with Takashi Seo (double bass)

Support: Odd Moon Floating, Greyish Glow, Captured
open 17.45/start 18.00, 4000 JPY adv/4500 JPY door (+500 JPY drink order required)
After party 2000JPY

1 June Aomori SUBLIME
Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara DUO
Talk & performance

open 19.00/start 19.30, 3500 JPY adv/4000 JPY door (+500 JPY drink order required)
017-773-0377 e-mailg.a.c@blue.ocn.ne.jp

2 June Tokyo Akihabara GOODMAN
Talk and performance with Akira Sotoyama (d)

open 19.00/start 19.30, 4000 JPY adv/4500 JPY door (+500 JPY drink order required)
03-3862-9010 info@clubgoodman.com http://clubgoodman.com/
Akira Sotoyama is an incredible drummer who plays around and outside of beats and pulse
somewhat similar to Chris, but quite different

3 June Nagoya TOKUZO
with Ryogai (Gai: g, vo and Ryoko Ono: sax, fl)
more TBC
open 18.00/start 19.00, 4000 JPY adv/4500 JPY door (+drink order required)
http://www.tokuzo.com/ tel: 052-733-3709

4 June Tokyo Bar Isshee presents at Li-Po
with Mitsuru Nasuno (b) and Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl)

open 18.30/start 19.30, 4000 JPY adv/4500 JPY door (+drink order required)
http://li-po.jp/ (not for booking and enq)
booking & enq: barisshee@keh.biglobe.ne.jp
*We will play instrumental Canterbury favourites such as Facelift
Isle of Everywhere and Master Builder (OM-riff) as well as improv


6 May 2014

you me & us CD 'Live in Japan' (title TBC) will be released at the beginning of forthcoming Japan tour (23 May-4 June), remastered by Bob Drake.

7 April 2014

The 'members' who play with Yumi at Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst, Germany, has now been confirmed: Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler, Jean-Hervé Péron (Faust), Zappi Diermaier (Faust), Geoff Leigh (Henry Cow), Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru), and the name of the band is 'Jump for Joy!' , performance date is 21 June 2014

12 March 2014

you me & us (Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler, Yumi Hara) Japan tour 2014 23 May-4 June

schedule now confirmed

Fri 23 May: Tokyo, Ekoda, CAFE FLYING TEAPOT
Sun 25 May: Yamaguchi, Yuda Onsen, ORGAN'S MELODY
Mon 26 May: Iwakuni, ROCK COUNTRY
Tue 27 May: Hiroshima, OTIS!
Wed 28 May: Kobe, BIG APPLE
Thu 29 May: Tokyo, Ogikubo, ROOSTER
Sat 31 May: Sapporo, HOT TIME
Sun 1 June: Aomori, SUBLIME
Mon 2 June: Tokyo, Akihabara, GOODMAN
Tue 3 June: Nagoya, TOKUZO
Wed 4 June: TBC Tokyo


Yumi Hara + Chris Cutler + Kato Hideki will perform at Spectrum, New York, on 15 May


18 February 2014

you me & us (Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler, Yumi Hara) Japan tour 2014 23 May-4 June

5 February 2014

Yumi will be playing at Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst, Germany, with 'Members of Gong, Henry Cow, Guru Guru, Faust', 20-22 June 2014

29 January 2014

The Artaud Beats will be playing at RIO 2014, (19-21 Sept), Carmaux, France

Dollhouse Residents (Yumi, Rie Miyazaki: bass, Emmy?Kunocovic: drums) Japan tour dates announced (16-18 April) Please see gig dates page


22 August 2013

you me & us (Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler, Yumi Hara)

Japan Tour 2013 dates: 31 Oct-12 Nov

Thu 31 Oct, Tokyo, Akihabara, Club Goodman with Cho-Sokkyo (Tatsuya Yoshida & Kazuhisa Uchihashi)

Fri 1 Nov, Tokorozawa, MOJO with special guest Kazutoki Umezu

Sat 2 Nov, Oumi Hachiman, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan with special guest Dave Sinclair

Sun 3 Nov, Okinawa, Naha, Sakurazaka Gekijo (Film 'About Rock In Opposition' screening & Talk event)

Mon 4 Nov, Okinawa, Urasoe Groove with Kengo Sakamoto (from Koenji Hyakkei)

Tue 5 Nov, Nagoya, Tokuzo

Wed 6 Nov, Yamaguchi Yuda Onsen, Organ's Melody

Thu 7 Nov, Fukuoka, Hakozaki Suizokukan Kissashitsu

Fri 8 Nov, Oita, At Hall

Sat 9 Nov, (Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) JASMIM (Japanese Association of Study of Muisical Improvisation) conference, University of Hiroshima, Panel discussion (PM), Performance (early eve)

Sun 10 Nov, (Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) JASMIM (Japanese Association of Study of Muisical Improvisation) conference, University of Hiroshima, Chris Cutler Keynote speech (PM)

Sun 10 Nov (eve), Hiroshima, Otis!

Mon 11 Nov, Kobe Guggenheim House with HACO

Tue 12 Nov, Tokyo, Bar Isshee presents (exact location TBC)


3 July 2013

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you emailed between Dec 2012 and June 2013 to yumi 'at' yumiharacawkwell.co.uk, and if you haven't heard from Yumi, please contact yumicity 'at' hotmail.com


22 June 2013

New merchandise available:

The Artaud Beats 2012 Japan Revisited CDR (tracks from the 'Archive Box' selected by Chris Cutler and Yumi, remastered by Yumi)

The Artaud Beats T-shirts in grey, size S-XXL

The Artaud Beats 'Archive Box' Japan Tour 2012 second impression (only 2 boxes left)


you me & us (Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) will tour Japan 31 Oct-12 Nov


7 May 2013

In addtion to the various dates with Daevid Allen previously announced, Yumi performed with him and Ian East (GONG) on 3 May 2013 in a private gig in Canterbury.

A video on YouTube from the gig 'Hope for Happiness' here

you me & us' (Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) 'Who's Afraid' from Club Integral @ The Grosvenor on 21 April here

Daevid & Yumi rehearsal of 'Shipbuilding' here

The Artaud Beats 'Archive Box' Japan Tour 2012 has been completely sold out, and we are still getting orders. So we decided to create 'second impression' in slightly different package, numbered and signed by all memberes of the band, with extra DVDR (Shibuya gig shot from behind Chris Cutler), limited to 25 copies. Available from 29 May, beginning of Japan tour 2013.


16 April 2013

Yumi will be joining Daevid Allen on 29 April 2013, 'An evening of words and music'
Michael Horovitz & Daevid Allen with special guest Vanessa Vie, Yumi Hara Cawkwell
The Art Workers Guild
Gradidge Room, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, LONDON, WC1N 3AT
7-10pm, £7


9 April 2013

Two performances by a new band 'you me & us' (Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) have been announced:

Sun 21 April 2013 Club Integral @ The Grosvenor

17 Sydney Road, Stockwell, London SW 0TP, 8.30pm, £5/£3 cons

Thu 2 May 2013 Club Integral @ The Others
6-8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 5SA, 8pm, £5/£3 cons

NAME: you me & us (all lower case) (Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara Cawkwell)

DESCRIPTION: improv unsongs & poesy at play


Video from performance by Daevid & Yumi in November 2012


The Artaud Beats DVDR at Shibuya Bar Isshee is now available.

Please note, the video was shot from behind Chris Cutler and the view is extremely limited,

that's why we didn't include it in the 'Archive Box', but some member of audience were extremely interested exactly for the same reason...you can watch how Chris choose his sticks and how he use them!! £10 postage inclusive. Please contact Yumi.


6 March 2013

Yumi Hara Cawkwell Japan tour Spring 2013 dates announced:

Dates include Mammal Machine, Yumi's solo CD 'Statement Heels' Japanese version launch events, Kevin Ayers Memorial Concert.

Please see gig dates page.

Yumi as composer news: Yumi's pieces will be performed at several occasions in May...actually on the same day!

11 May in York: at York Spring Festival of New Music, Jane Chapman (harpsichord) will play Molecular Dance with VJ Gesuidoh from Japan

11 May in London: Michael Bonaventure will play organ suite Hibernal at St Laurence Church, Catford (11am!)


26 February 2013

The Artaud Beats Japan tour 2013 dates announced:

Wed 29 May, Nagoya, Tokuzo
Thu 30 May, Toyohashi, House of Crazy
Fri 31 May, Osaka, Bar Soft Machine
Sat 1 June, Oumi Hachiman, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan
Sun 2 June (afternoon), Oumi Hachiman, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan (Improvised music workshop)
Sun 2 June (eve), Kobe, Motomachi Cinema (Romantic Warriors II: About Rock in Opposition screening + Talk & live performance by Chris Cutler & Yumi)
Mon 3 June, Fukuoka, Hakozaki Suizokukan Kissashitsu
Tue 4 June, Oita, At Hall
Wed 5 June, Kobe, Big Apple
Thu 6 June, Yokohama Airegine
Fri 7 June, Tokorozawa, MOJO
Sat 8 June, Tokyo Ogikubo Rooster (Improvised music workshop+performance)
Sun 9 June, Tokyo, Shibuya Uplink (Romantic Warriors II: About Rock in Opposition screening + live performance)
Mon 10 June, Tokyo, Secret location TBC

16 January 2013

Discography page and The Artaud Beats page are updated with order details of 'The Artaud Beats Japan Tour 2012 Archive Box' and 'The Artaud Beats T-Shirt'.

A new digest video from the Archive Box DVDRs has been uploaded here: : http://youtu.be/AJKkcXLYQmk

We are currently organising The Artaud Beats Japan Tour 2013 in late May-June. The details will be announced here shortly.

Yumi will be visiting Japan in late March-early April to promote Japanese version of 'Statement Heels' (DiskUnion), with Japanese Obi and detailed liner notes. There will be an instore event at DiskUnion Progreesive-kan in Shinjuku on 31 March.

Mammal Machine will touring Chubu-Kansai area in Late March.


27 November 2012

We had a very SPATIAL guest last night, Dada Ali, aka Daevid Allen at Sonic Rituals #2!

A member of audience uploaded some video footages here:



Yumi will be on tour in Japan from 7 Dec to 25 Dec, as solo, with Mammal Machine, with Yumi Hara Cawkwell-Tempered Band etc.

Details are here or in Japanese

The Artaud Beats Japan Tour 2012 Archive Box of Complete Recordings (8CDRs + 4 DVDRs, limited edition of 50 copies, numbered) will be available during Yumi's Japan tour in December, and can be dispatched worldwide in January. 8000JPY or 67GBP, if you order with The Artaud Beats T-shirt, 10000JPY or 83GBP. Please email Yumi yumi'at'yumiharacawkwell.co.uk to order.


15 November 2012

Sonic Rituals #2 will take place at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston, London, on 26 Nov. Geoff Leigh and Mark Hewins (Soft Heap, Canterbury Family, Gong etc) will join Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Guy Harries, and live drawings by Valerie Pezeron.



22 October 2012

!!VENUE CHANGE!! The firest SONIC RITUALS on 29 Oct is now at Cakey Muto, a lovely cake shop with fully licenced bar located on Chatsworth Road, East London street du jour, and celebrating the 1st anniversary on the day!!

Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Guy Harries, Graham Dunning (electronics), Illi Adato (perc, electronics), Emily Shapiro (cl), Valerie Pezeron (live illustration)

Yumi & Guy will also be performing at OUT OF THE CAGE, John Cage festival at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance on Fri 26 Oct, 14.00-16.00, 17.15-19.30 at Room G73, with two grand pianos!!


15 October 2012

Yumi & Guy Harries will be hosting SONIC RITUALS live performance series.

We are excited to have a number of great guest performers!

29 October at Cakey Muto: Graham Dunning (electronics), Illi Adato (perc, electronics), Emily Shapiro (cl), Valerie Pezeron (live illustration)

26 November at Servant Jazz Quarters: Geoff Leigh (fl, vo, electronics), Valerie Pezeron (live illustration) and more TBC


26 September 2012

A small quantity of the Limited Edition CDR Nodutgang. Bodo 28.10.11, Live at Nodutgang Festival, Bodo, Norway is now available, following the response from the listeners of 'Sonic Rituals', Clear Spot at Resonance FM on 24 September. Please contact us.

Guy Harries and Yumi hosted the show and invited Chris Cutler as the first guest. We performed a 'Sonic Ritual' improvisation set using household objects and toy instruments.


13 September 2012

Yumi & Guy Harries will be performing at 'At Home with the Ludskis #6' at RIO Cinema, Dalston, London on 22 September. They will be on at the very beginning for a 10-minutes set, then 6-minutes glammed-up set later on.

Yumi's December Japan tour dates are almost fixed now, including Mammal Machine Kyushu 3 days, Bar Isshee 3 Days of Christmas Special, reworking of prog classics performance, performance of pieces from solo CD 'Statement Heels' with Tatsuya Yoshida(d), Atsushi Asano(b) and Natsuki Kido(g), and improvised music sessions. Visit Gig Dates page for detalis.


23 August 2012

Japanese language magazine EURO ROCK PRESS vol 54 will be on sale on 31 August and there will be The Artaud Beats (Geoff Leigh: flute, voice, electronics, Yumi Hara Cawkwell: keyboard, voice, Chris Cutler: drums, John Greaves: bass, voice) interview and reviews of Limited Edition CDR Nodutgang. Bodo 28.10.11 and gig in Tokorozawa. To coincide this, the Limited Edition CDR Nodutgang. Bodo 28.10.11, Live at Nodutgang Festival, Bodo, Norway will be available exclusively at WORLD DISQUE in Mejiro, Tokyo. The CDR was previously available only during the Japan tour and was sold out. Listen sample tracks here

17 July 2012

Yumi & Guy Harries will present SOUND RITUALS, a radio progrmme at Resonance 104.4FM on Monday 24th September 2012, 8-9pm British time. You can also listen over the internet worldwide. The progrmme is developped from recent Sound Rituals performances by Yumi & Guy, and will involve guests to perform with them.

They will also be hosting SOUND RITUALS live performance series at Servant Jazz Quarters on 29 October and 26 November.


5 July 2012

The Artaud Beats (Geoff Leigh: flute, voice, electronics, Yumi Hara Cawkwell: keyboard, voice, Chris Cutler: drums, John Greaves: bass, voice) Japan Tour and Yumi solo Japan tour have successfully been completed. Thank you very much for the people who attended the gigs and workshops, helped organising events, and musicians who performed together.

The Artaud Beats YouTube playlist

Please visit our facebook page for more photos and video links updates.

15 May 2012

Yumi & Guy Harries will be performing at Electromania on Friday 18th May, 9pm,

Restaurant-Music Club Kolonada, v. Kudirkos st, 22, Druskininkai, Lithuania. The event is part of contemporary music festival DruskoManija'12, and this year's theme is 'Electro-Acoustic Archaic'.


11 May 2012

Flyer for 28th May gig designed by Yumi, photo by Koichi Yokoyama:


Yumi & Guy will be performing 3x shortsets at RIO Cinema, Dalston on late night Saturday 12 May:

18 April 2012

Yumi & Guy Harries will be performing on 18 May 2012 at Druskomanija 2012, in Druskininkai, Lithuania. Yumi's piece was performed there last year, and this time Yumi is participating as a performer.


Yumi and friends from Kansai area in Japan will be performing in London and Paris.

28 May at Servant Jazz Quarters, London

Yumi & Guy Harries, Seth Ayyaz, Yoshinori Motoki, Rabito Arimoto, Decalco Marie, Tsuneo ogura Servant Jazz Quarters 8pm, £5

1&2 June Butô Festival at Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée (ECBP), Paris: Yumi, Yoshinori Motoki, Rabito Arimoto, Decalco Marie, Tsuneo ogura


The Artaud Beats will be performing in Japan in June. The lineup of the band: Geoff Leigh (flute, voice, electronics), Yumi Hara Cawkwell (keyboard, voice), Chris Cutler (drums), John Greaves (bass, voice). Please visit our facebook page

Artaud Beats Japan Tour dates:

Fri 8 June, Toyohashi, House of Crazy (Improvised music workshop)
3500yen adv, 4000yen door, 2500yen student
Nakamura Building B1F, Matsuba-cho 1-26-2, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi-ken, 440-0897, JAPAN
0532-55-9000 crazy921‘at’crocus.ocn.ne.jp  http://www1.ocn.ne.jp/~hofcrazy/index.htm

Sat 9 June, Oumi Hachiman, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan
Open: 16.30 Start: 17.00
5500yen adv, 6000yen door (with 1 drink)

After-show party with members of audience: 20.00
3000yen (food and soft drink incl) (reservation required)

Naka 21, Suwai-cho, Oumi-Hachiman-shi, Shiga, 523-0862, JAPAN
TEL 0748-32-2054 http://www.shuyukan.com/sakedelic/

Sun 10 June, Oumi Hachiman, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan (Improvised music workshop)
Open: 13.30, Start: 14.00, End 17.00 approx
4000yen (with 1 drink) (reservation required)
Naka 21, Suwai-cho, Oumi-Hachiman-shi, Shiga, 523-0862, JAPAN
TEL 0748-32-2054 http://www.shuyukan.com/sakedelic/

Mon 11 June, Fukuoka, Space Terra
with support: monstermovie
4000yen adv, 4500yen door, 2500yen student
Momota Building B1F, Kego 2-19-9, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 812-0023, JAPAN
TEL 092-732-3101 spaceterra1‘at’ybb.ne.jp http://www.spaceterra.net/

Tue 12 June, Oita, At Hall
Open: 19.00 Start: 19.30
4000yen adv, 4500yen door, 2500yen student
Ichii-Kaihatsu Buiding 3F, Chuo-cho 2-6-4, Oita-shi, 870-0035, JAPAN
TEL 097-535-2567 info‘at’athall.com http://www.athall.com/

Wed 13 June, Kobe, Big Apple
with support: theremin unit “and_more..”, Tanzaku (Reiko Imanishi+Saori Kojima)
4000yen adv, 4500yen door
Toa Hights B1F, Yamamotodori 3-14-14, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, 650-0003, JAPAN
TEL 078-251-7049 big-apple‘at’i.bekkoame.ne.jp http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/i/big-apple/

Thu 14 June, Nagoya, Tokuzo
Open: 18.00 Start: 19.00
3800yen adv, 4300yen door
Blue Star Building 2F, Imaike 1-6-8, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, 464-0850, JAPAN
TEL 052-733-3709 info‘at’tokuzo.com  http://www.tokuzo.com/

Fri 15 June, Tokorozawa, MOJO
with support: Noise no Tomo, Rocks
Open: 19.00 Start: 20.00
3800yen adv, 4300yen door
T.ing Building 201, Higashisumiyoshi 7-9, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama-ken, 359-1124, JAPAN
TEL 04-2923-3323 toiawase‘at’mojo-m.com http://www.mojo-m.com/

Sat 16 June, Tokyo Ogikubo Rooster (Improvised music workshop+performance)
Workshop Open: 14.00 Start: 14.30
Performance Open: 18.00, Start: 18.30
Workshop participants 9000-16500yen (with soft drink and light lunch)(fee varies depend on the number of participants)(reservation required)
Performance entry 4000yen
Inoue Building B1F, Ogikubo 5-16-15, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0051, JAPAN
Enquiry and booking: andomew‘at’nifty.com Venue website: http://ogikubo-rooster.com/main/index.html

Sun 17 June, Tokyo, Bar Isshee (special gig and party) (SOLD OUT)
6000yen adv, 7000yen door (with free drink until 30 min after performance end)
Kusuhara Building 4F, Udagawa-cho 33-13, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042, JAPAN
080-3289-6913 barisshee‘at’keh.biglobe.ne.jp http://www.bloc.jp/barisshee/

Yumi's other dates in Japan (visit Japanese page for details):

21 June Fukuoka Hakozaki Suizokukan Kissashitsu, with Takei Tsuneo

22 June Tokyo Shinokubo Earthdom, Kootown Presents Kootown Improvise Festival 2012

23 June Tokyo Vocal Workshop (venue TBC)

24 June Osaka Bamboo Club, with Yasuyuki Tanaka, Declaco Marie and more

27 June Kyoto Urban Guild, with Tamaki (Makiko Izumo+Taiqui), Hi-chan(from Kitsune no Yomeiri)

30 June Tokyo Nanahari, with Kenichi Matsumoto

1 July Tokyo Koenji U.F.O.Club, with Mammal Machine, NON BAND


22 October 2011

Yumi's first solo release 'Statement Heels' is now available from iTunes and Amazon for download, and CD is available from here

The album contains Yumi's pieces originally written for contemporary art music performers, including 'Statement Heels' and 'The Shape du Jour' from 'That is SO a Good Look', 2006 British Composer Awards finalist suite for 2 pianos. Many tracks feature Tatsuya Yoshida's drums and he also sings in some tracks. Read review: Prog-Sphere

Yumi will be performing with The Artaud Beats, formerly known as Not Henry Cow, on 28th October in Bodo, Norway. The lineup of the band: Geoff Leigh (flute, sax, voice, electronics), Yumi Hara Cawkwell (keyboard, voice), Chris Cutler (drums), John Greaves (bass, voice). Please visit our facebook page

Yumi is now planning Japan Tour in December.


21 May 2011

Yumi's pieces are receiving performances in May and June:  

On Fri 20 May 2011, KEYNOTE + (Kate Ryder and Jane Chapman - Prepared piano & harpsichord) performed 'Luminous' for prepared piano and clavichord (this time by harpsichord) at The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall, part of 'Lang Lang Inspires: Young Pianists Week'.

On Wed 25 May 2011, 7pm, BAccK +/- Harp (Irmantas Andriūnas: birbynė, Danielius Rozovas: accordion, Viktorija Smailytė: harp) will perform 'Nota Bene', originally written for shakuhachi and clavichord, this time by Lithuanian wind instrument 'birbynė'. 

Fluxus Ministry, 5th floor, Gedimino av. 27, Vilnius, Lithuania
part of 'Drusko Manija '11' festival, Free entry 

On Sun 5 June 2011, 4.30pm, at Southwark Cathedral, Michael Bonaventure will perform Hibernal for organ. He is launching his latest CD 'Contemporary British Organ Music Volume 3' (SFZ Music)


Guy Harries & Yumi Hara Cawkwell will perform improvised music using found objects and electronics at THE COURTYARD THEATRE, The Courtyard, Bowling Green Walk, 40 Pitfield Street, London N1 6EU http://www.thecourtyard.org.uk/
part of NEW LEXICONS OF DARK: exploring darkness in art and music (12pm-12am)
£6 http://www.wegottickets.com/event/118574

Watch Guy & Yumi's performance at Cafe OTO on 11 April here

Yumi will be touring West Japan from 30 June to 22 July

Also, the long-awaited date for a performance of Yosshy YUMI-Yama (Yumi, Tatsuya Yoshida, Hoppy Kamiyama) using 2 grand pianos and a drum kit has been confirmed: 14 September 2011 at Nagakute Bunka no Ie, near Nagoya, launching Yumi's solo CD!


13 January 2011

Dream of the Gryllidae by Yumi Hara Cawkwell & Tony Lowe, Mitsugi (Esoteric Rituals) by Mammal Machine (Yumi, Mitsuru Tabata, Rie Miyazaki, Yasuyuki Watanabe), and Ride a White Rabbit by Yumi Hara Cawkwell & Sato Yukie are now available from Discography page!


Mitsugi (Esoteric Rituals) is getting critical attention, and now already got at least 5 reviews. Please also visit Discography page for links to the reviews.


12 November 2010

Dream of the Gryllidae, a new album with Tony Lowe will be out from Academy Recordings for digital distribtion only, and new MySpace has now been setup, so visit www.myspace.com/yumiharaandtonylowe to listen some samples from the album and watch promo video for 'Cicadas will Cry for Me', the last track of the CD!

Yumi will be in Japan in December for launch tour of two CDs, Mitsugi (Esoteric Rituals) by Mammal Machine (Yumi, Mitsuru Tabata, Rie Miyazaki, Yasuyuki Watanabe) from Captain Trip Records and Ride a White Rabbit by Yumi Hara Cawkwell & Sato Yukie from KOOTOWN.

Please visit gig dates page for details.



23 April 2010

Dream of the Gryllidae, a new CD album with Tony Lowe has now been mastered, and a promo video for 'Cicadas will Cry for Me', the last track of the CD, now being made...watch the space.

Yumi is translating Japanese version of 'First Steps with the Clarineo' DVD and companion book. Clarineo is a C Clarinet developed by Graham Lyons.

Yumi is going to do a Japan tour in June-July, with exciting line-up of collaborators including Kazutoki Umezu, Mitsuru Tabata, Rie Miyazaki, Tatsuya Yoshida, Hoppy Kamiyama, Ryuichi Yoshida, Ryoko Ono, Atsushi Tsuyama, yasuyuki Watanabe, Morihide Sawada, Ichiro Hosoya, and MEW. There will also be four workshops in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. Please visit Gig Dates page.

17 February 2010

pianocircus festival Event 1 has been postponed to Saturday 13th March , 7.30pm, Hoxton Hall 130 Hoxton Street, London N1 6SH www.hoxtonhall.co.uk pianocircus will play Yumi's Groove Study Mega Mix for 6 keyboards. Tickets: www.wegottickets.com £10/£7 concessions

Steve Howe Trio has been using live photos and videos taken by Yumi for their MySpace for a while, now they used one for their forthcoming live album 'Travelling'! It will be released in March, and will be available during their UK tour. Please visit www.myspace.com/stevehowetrio.

The live photo of the back cover (bottom left of the first file, Other photos by Zoe Street Howe.)

also the on-disk printing is my photo.

2 February 2010

Yumi's pieces will be performed in three concerts in February.

Michael Bonaventure will play 'Frost', Yumi's short piece for organ written for Michael, at Organ Recital at Westminster Abbey, Sunday 7th Feb 2010, 5.45-6.15 pm free entry
Please note: the timing of the recital is very strict at the Abbey, so please get there before the scheduled performance time to avoid disappointment.

2009 marked pianocircus' 20th Anniversary and as part of these celebrations they will be running a festival in February celebrating new innovations and developments for the piano since the inception of the group in 1989.

pianocircus festival Event 1 is on Saturday 13th February, 7.30pm, Hoxton Hall 130 Hoxton Street, London N1 6SH www.hoxtonhall.co.uk pianocircus will play Yumi's Groove Study Mega Mix for 6 keyboards. Tickets: www.wegottickets.com £10/£7 concessions

pianocircus festival Event 2 Bartók: Subject and Reflection
David Appleton (Piano) with Barbara Gutierrez (artist/film)
Plus Keyboard Choir and Lorraine Bowen.

pianocircus pianist David Appleton performs solo piano works by Béla Bartók plus a montage of miniatures (of between two seconds and two minutes in length) reflecting some aspect of Bartók's life and work, including Yumi's 'Cosmos Massive No. 901' , Tuesday 16th February 2010, 7.30pm, Vibe Bar, Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL www.vibe-bar.co.uk
Advance tickets: www.wegottickets.com Or on the Door: £10/£7 concessions

24 November 2009

In addition to the tour with Akira Sakata and Tatsuya Yoshida, Yumi will be performing with Yukie Sato, Japanese guitarist who is based in South Korea, on 11th December at Bar Isshee in Shibuya, Tokyo. Yumi is now editing the recording with Yukie Sato, to be available during the Japan tour.

Improvisation Workshop is now scheduled on 20th December in Tokyo.

Yumi took part in the first performance of 'Maria Kan'non' for voice, sho, electric violin and electronics, which surprised New Music audience who knew Yumi only as a composer!


At the Cutting Edge 2009                                    Kaikoku Live poster/flyer front                 Kaikoku Live poster/flyer back

photo by Zoe Street Howe


22 October 2009

Yumi's pieces will be performed at several concerts this autumn:

PianoCircus will perform 'Groove Study Mega Mix' at Sound 2009 (28th Oct Aberdeen, 30th Oct Naim) , Kate Ryder will perform 'Farouche' for toy pianos at the Cutting Edge (14 Nov), and new piece 'Maria Kan'non' for sho, electric violin and live electronics will be performed by OKEANOS with [rout] at the Cutting Edge (19 Nov).

Yumi will be performing in Hikone in Japan on 13th December with Akira Sakata, Tatsuya Yoshida and Yoshihide Otomo (guest), to celebrate the 150th anniversary of opening of Japan. There will also be performances by Yumi, Sakata & Yoshida in Tokyo (10th, MANDA-LA2) and Osaka (12th, nu things). Improvisation workshop in Tokyo is currently being planned.

Interview, concert review, workshop review and CD review of Geoff Leigh and Yumi Hara were featured in EURO ROCK PRESS, specialist magazine in prog rock and experimental music in Japan.


1 September 2009

Geoff Leigh & Yumi Hara performed at the Avantgarde Festival, joined by Chris Cutler and John Greaves!! Four of us performed a full 1 hour improvisation with many magical moments. Watch video 1, video 2, video3.

GCJY.jpg picture by AsianSeasonedWitch

12 August 2009

Geoff Leigh & Yumi Hara successfully completed Japan tour. An extensive covarage of the tour, including their interviews, live report, and workshop report will appear on EURO ROCK PRESS (Japanese language specialist magazine in prog rock and experimental music) 28 Aug on sale.

Geoff & Yumi will be performing at Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst, Germany, on 30 August.

Yumi will be back in Japan in September, this time to perform at 'Extreme Night' at Aoi Heya, Shibuya, Tokyo, with Kazutoki  Umezu, Shunji Okawa and Muneomi Senju, and to chair a panel discussion 'Evaluation of Musical Improvasation in Education' at Japan Association of Musical Improvisation conference, Kobe University, 20-21 September.

Yumi recorded quite a lot of material with Tatsuya Yoshida (dr, vo) while she was in Japan this summer, including studio recording of her compositions, studio improv recording and live improv recording with Geoff Leigh!!


28 May 2009

Geoff Leigh & Yumi Hara Cawkwell Japan tour schedule:

Sat 27 June: Shiga, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan

Sun 28 June: Shiga, Sakedelic Space Shuyukan WORKSHOP

Tue 30 June: Osaka, Bar Soft Machine

Wed 1 July: Nagoya, Nan'ya (with Ryoko Ono & Yasuhiro Usui)Tokyo, Flying Teapot solo

Fri 3 July: Tokyo, Flying Teapot (with Tatsuya Yoshida)

Sat 4 July: Tokyo, Studio UEN WORKSHOP

Sun 5 July: Tokyo, Isolde, performance with workshop participants

photo by Seán Kelly

22 May 2009

Upstream, CD album by Geoff Leigh & Yumi Hara will be on sale during the Japan tour (27 June-5 July), and will be available worldwide from MOONJUNE in autumn 2009.<available NOW!>


27 April 2009

Yumi will be performing with Geoff Leigh on 15th May at the Drone's Club in North London. This is going to be the pre-Japan tour show in June-July.


25 March 2009

Two performances at Cafe OTO with Akira Sakata went extremely well. On the 8th, we performed with Asaf Sirkis and a special guest, Yoshihide Otomo. 12th was with Charles Hayward, and Sean Kelly took great pictures! Please visit Sean's site here. He also came along to the Klinker gig with Geoff Leigh and Gerry Fitzgerald on 19th March. Photos from the night here.


10 February 2009

Great review on Hugh Hopper Benefit concert in Jazzwise Feb 2009, Issue 127. '...Jazz meets performance art, as her amazing voice headed off into dog-whistle territory, but there was such good humour and warmth in her performance. As she led us into 'Hope for Happiness', you couldn't help but love her' (Duncan Heining). Please find out more about the concert on p. 58 of the magazine!!

Yumi will be performing with Geoff Leigh and Gerry Fitzgerald on 19th March at The Klinker, Cross Kings.

The Bartok project is finally on! David Applton will be performing Yumi's new solo piano piece 'Cosmos Massive No.901' at the Space, part of Enterprise 09 Festival on 3rd May. David asked composers to write new pieces which somehow relate to Bartok. He will perform these new pieces together with Bartok's substantial piano works.


14 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

Yumi will be performing with Akira Sakata again, this time in London, in March. Two dates at Cafe OTO are confirmed with guest drummers: 8th with Asaf Sirkis and 12th with Charles Hayward. It has been 13 years since I last played with Charles!! And this is going to be my first performance with Asaf, who shares a passion for pipe organ with me!

Nota Bene, Yumi's piece for shakuhachi and clavichord will be performed by Kiku Day and Michael Bonaventure at Purcell Room on 26 March.

HUMI limited edition CD-R, DVD-R, T-Shirts and official CD Dune are now available from HUMI MySpace or HUMI MySpace Japanese site. These were previously available only from Yumi's solo gigs and Hopper benefit concert in December. Only several T-shirts are left-so please order now to avoid dissappointment.


17 December 2008

The Hugh Hopper Benefit Concert on 14 December was very successful! Thank you very much for the people who came along, buying CDs and T-shirts! All profit have sent to Hugh. And thank you to John Etheridge who organised the concert. Yumi performed a 15 minutes set including 'Hopeful Impressions of Happiness' (based on 'Hope for Happiness' written by Hugh's brother Brian, who was there on the night) and 'Wrapped Box 25/4 Lid (with Ribbons)' piano solo version.

3 November 2008

Yumi will be taking part in Hugh Hopper Benefit Concert on 14 December at the 100 Club, London. From the 100 Club's website: 'Legendary Soft Machine bass player Hugh Hopper has Lukaemia which is responding well to treatment but will require long period of convalescence and musical inactivity. His friends and admirers are staging a concert to raise funds for this difficult period.   Line-up ...In Cahoots / Soft Machine Legacy / Delta Sax qrt / Sophia Domancich and Simon Gouberg / Alex Mcguire qrt, More to be confirmed.' Buy tickets

'Six Flowers' received second performance at Community Music Center of Boston, MA, USA, on 23 October by Christopher Bush and Carol Minor.

13 October 2008

Yumi's new piece for clarinet and piano 'Six Flowers' was premiered by Christopher Bush and Carol Minor in Glens Falls, NY, USA on 3 October 2008. Watch video The piece will be performed at the London New Wind Festival, Regent Hall, on 8th November 2008, 8.30pm. http://www.londonnewwindfestival.org/


22 August 2008

In addition to the November dates, Yumi will be performing in Japan in September too!

11 September 2008, Barrel House, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, with Ryuichi Yoshida (Baritone sax), Toshiki Nagata (Double bass) and Hoppy Kamiyama (Keys and gadgets).

14 September 2008 The Japanese Association for the Study of Musical Improvisation at Kobe University

7 October 2008 New York DownTown Music Gallery

19 November 2008 Tokyo Flying Teapot with Akira Sakata (sax, vo) and Tatsuya Yoshida (dr, vo)

Nerima-ku, Sakae-cho 27-7, Enomoto bldg. B1F, Tokyo, 176-0006
3000 yen plus 1 drink 500 yen, 18.30 doors 19.30 start

03-5999-7971 http://www.geocities.jp/flyingteapot1997/index.html
Trio with free jazz legend Akira Sakata and amazing drummer Tatsuya Yoshida

20 November 2008 Tokyo Flying Teapot Improvisation Workshop

3000 yen plus 1 drink 500 yen, 18.00-21.30
Description:Improvisation workshop with Yumi Hara Cawkwell. Booking essential to andomew'at'nifty.com Bring your own instrument and amplifier if needed. (n.b. Flying Teapot is located on basement floor, and there is no lift and car parking) ’Flats’ drum kit is provided.

21 November 2008 Tokyo Flying Teapot Solo

1500yen plus 1 drink 500yen, 18.30 doors 19.30 start

22 November 2008 Tokyo Studio UEN Improvisation Workshop

Suginami-ku, Nishiogi-kita 3-31-14, Tokyo, 167-0042
5,000 yen-8,500yen (depend on the number of participants), 14.30-18.30
Improvisation workshop based on rock aesthetics. All instrumentalists and vocalists welcome. This time, we will explore and analyse historical recordings based on improvisation, and will experiment in modes and scales. Will record the participants performance, then discuss immediately what was going on. Booking essential to andomew'at'nifty.com

23 November 2008 Omi Hachiman Sakedelic Space Shuyukan with Akira Sakata (sax, vo) and taiqui (dr, vo from Ain Soph)

Omi Hachiman-shi, Suwai-cho, Naka 21, Shiga, 523-0862
4500 yen (adv)/ 5000 yen (on the door) with drink, 18.30 start

After performance party with performers 3000 yen (booking essential)

0748-32-2054 http://www.shuyukan.com/

With free jazz legend Akira Sakata (alto sax, vo) and guest Taiqui (dr, vo, from Ain Soph)

24 November 2008 Omi Hachiman Sakedelic Space Shuyukan Improvisation Workshop with taiqui (dr, vo)

3500 yen (including drink), 13.30 door, 14.00 start
Improvisation workshop with guest Taiqui (dr, vo, from Ain Soph). Yumi will give some talk about various techniques of improvisation, then perform a short improvisation with Taiqui while video record it. The video will be immediately played back, and Yumi will analyse the performance and make comments to explain what was going on. Then participants will perform improvised music in small groups. Instruction will be given according to the technical ability and previous knowledge in music of the participants. All instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome.

27 November 2008 Osaka Bar Soft Machine Solo

Konohana-ku, Nishikujo 4-2-3, Ohshima dai3 bldg. 2F, Osaka, 554-0012
2000 yen (including 1 drink & light meal) , 19.30 start

06-6460-3123 http://www.softmachine.cc/
Solo performance at the legendary bar in Konohana-ku, Osaka.

28 November 2008 Nagoya Cafe Paruru with Ryoko Ono (sax, fl)

Naka-ku, Shinsakae 2-2-19, Nagoya, 460-0007
1800 yen (adv)/ 2000 yen (on the door)

052-262-3628 http://www.parlwr.net/
With an amazing female sax player Ryoko Ono, who has performed and collaborated with many big names, recently performed with Tatsuya Yoshida (dr) as Sax Ruins.



15 August 2008

HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell)'s debut album 'Dune' is getting a lot of excellent reviews! Here are the links to these:

Downtown Music Gallery
Wayside Music
All About Jazz

Sid Smith's Postcards From The Yellow Room
JAZZ REVIEW (same review as EJAZZNEWS)
All About Jazz (different review from the above)
Gapplegate Music (July 8 entry)


All Music (same review as Billboad)

All About Jazz (yet another one in Italian)


30 July 2008

Due to Hugh Hopper's health condition, HUMI Japan tour is now postponed. It is not possible for Hugh to take long haul flights this autumn.


Yumi is going to do solo Japan tour in November. Dates and venues will be announced shortly.

Yumi will perform a short set at Downtown Music Gallery in New York on Tuesday 7th October, 7pm.


13 June 2008

HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) Dune in June Japan Tour is now postponed to October/November, but Yumi will perform as solo on some dates. Please check out www.myspace.com/humimyspace (English) or www.myspace.com/humimyspacejapanese (Japanese) for updates. Yumi's solo dates for 'Tokyo Summer Festival' (4-6 July) remain unchanged.


16 May 2008

HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) debut CD Dune is out now via MoonJune website. It will be available during the Japan tour, and UK and US release to follow as planned.

"It is a treat, indeed. On "Long Dune," Hugh's bass has a warm, thick, lovely sound along with Yumi's sparse, selective piano. When Yumi's wordless voice enters, it adds a sublime, spooky ambiance. On "Shiranui," Hugh stacks up layers of fuzz, distinctly distorted and rich-toned bass(es) in a most astonishing way with Yumi's superb piano floating on top. Hugh alters the sound of his bass on each piece, the sound is consistently fascinating. In a way, this disc is like a second part to Hugh's first solo bass album, '1984,' perhaps not nearly as frightening, but as intense nonetheless. Hugh continues to be the master of loops and does an amazing job of selecting just the right snips of sounds to loop and alter in different ways. Occasionally ominous, yet consistently mesmerizing." (Bruce Lee Galanter)

“From soothing moments of calm reflection to jagged swipes at the psyche, the collective voices of HUMI form textures, moods, improvisation and formal compositions into a cohesive, expressive language. Beyond the confines of genre, there's an eloquent, spellbinding quality that arises when two risk-taking players go exploring. Subtle, exotic and eloquent, don't expect anything obvious from Hugh Hopper and Yumi Hara Cawkwell.” (Sid Smith)


9 April 2008

HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) debut CD will be released in June from MoonJune to coincide the Japan Tour. US and UK release to follow.

HUMI will be performing at EAST Showcase on 11th June at Soho Thatre.

'Cicadas Project/Playsongs Now', Yumi's solo performance with workshop participants will be presented at Mon'naka Tenjo Hall on 6th July, part of Tokyo Summer Festival 2008.


10 March 2008

Yumi is currently writing a new piece for toy pianos, scheduled to be performed on 12 April 2008 at The Space, London, by Kate Ryder, part of 'Enterprise 08' series.

Yumi has recently been commissioned to write a new piece for clarinet and piano by Carol Minor, as part of the Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra’s Musicbridge series (Glens Falls, state of New York) in october 2008.


6 February 2008

HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) Japan Tour Dates:

Fri 20 June   Osaka Psychedelic Bar Soft Machine
Sat 21 June   Shiga Sakedelic Space Shuyukan (Guest: Dave Sinclair)
Sun 22 June   Kanazawa Mokkiriya
Tue 24 June   Nagoya Tokuzo
Wed 25 June   Tokyo Flying Teapot (Yosshy HUMI-Yama: HUMI+Hoppy Kamiyama & Tatsuya Yoshida)
Thu 26 June   Tokyo Flying Teapot (Guest: Morgan Fisher)
Fri 27 June   Tokyo Flying Teapot (HUMI only)
Sat 28 June   Sapporo Coo (HUMI only)
Sun 29 June    Sapporo Coo (afternoon workshop & evening workshop performance)
Tue 1 July      Gunma Songs (HUMI only)
Wed 2 July     Gunma Songs (afternoon workshop & evening workshop performance)

HUMI MySpace HUMI MySpace (Japanese)

21 January 2008

Yumi's new piece 'Wrapped Box 25/4 Lid (with Ribbons)', based on 'Box 25/4 Lid' by Mike Ratledge and Hugh Hopper from Soft Machine First is going to be performed at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, on 8th Feb 2008. This is specially written for Delta Saxophone Quartet's current Soft Machine themed project, and it will be performed by DSQ, Hugh Hopper (bass) and Yumi Hara Cawkwell (piano). Watch video


20 December 2007

Everyday Can be Christmas, a christmas song Yumi wrote in ca.1995 (words by Brendan Beals) has been uploaded on Yumi's MySpace.

Yumi is writing a new arrangement for Delta Saxophone Quartet, for their current Soft Machine themed project, a new piece for toy piano for Kate Ryder.

HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) will be touring Japan in June 2008.


3 December 2007

Vaseline Towers gig on 30th November 2007 at the Klinker South has been cancelled due to Pheecle Debbry's illness. Get well soon!

HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) debut performance videos have been uploaded.

Please visit HUMI MySpace or here (the same section as the Resonance FM broadcast) and here.

A video footage from Yumi's Japan tour in September has also been uploaded, entitled 'Improv: Flawless and Purple Fluff'. Performed at Progressive Rock Live and Cafe 'Songs' in Isesaki, Japan, with MEW (drums), Ejiri (bass) and Teruhiro Shiojima (Guitar)


26 November 2007

More HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell) news:

HUMI's debut performance at Club Integral on the 1st Nov went extremely well, and an excerpt from the live recording of the gig was broadcast on Resonance FM (104.4 FM Central London and www.resonance.com for anywhere in the world) on 22nd Nov. Some photos from the gig by Sean Kelly are found on HUMI MySpace, and video will be uploaded soon!

Yumi's academic site at the University of East London has been revamped.

Michael Bonaventure will be performing Yumi's organ piece 'Hibernal' on 9th Dec at All Saints Blackheath, 5.15pm. His performance of the piece at the Union Chapel can be viewed here.

16 October 2007

It has been very busy autumn for Yumi. Yumi visited Japan in September to attend a preparatory symposium for Aichi International Art Festival 2010 as a member of the panel, and did several performances. The details of the performances are in Yumi's blog in her Myspace. Some footage will appear there shortly.

HUMI (Hugh Hopper & Yumi Hara Cawkwell)

As soon as its MySpace went online, HUMI, a new collaboration with Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine, Soft Machine Legacy, Isotope, etc), is getting a huge response!! Currently only four short segments from recent recording session can be heard there, but CD enquires from labels and audience are flooding in! On 22nd October, some longer recordings will be played on Resonance FM http://resonancefm.com/listen worldwide or 104.4FM in Central London, 19.00-20.00 UK time. The debut gig is at Club Integral, 1st November 2007, Canterbury Arms, Canterbury Crescent, Brixton, LONDON SW9.

Incidentally, Hugh Hopper and David Cross will be performing with Clearlight drummer Chris Stassinopoulos on 18 & 19 January 2008 in Athens. Because of this, Yumi, being in collaboration with both David and Hugh, is talked about in What's Rattlin'? (Canterbury music related forum)!

David Cross & Yumi Hara Cawkwell MySpace appeared as a news item at DGM Live News (King Crimson website).

Vaseline Towers autumn date

30th November 2007 at the Klinker South (The Ivy House, 40 Stuart Rd, LONDON SE15)

Yumi as Photographer-more news!

More musicians are using photos taken by Yumi. Photos taken at The Producers' gig at Jazz Cafe, 24th July, are used at Chris Braide's MySpace, and a photo of Dylan Howe can be found at his MySpace. For more photos, including the latest ones taken at Bill Bruford & PianoCircus on 21 September, please visit Yumi's photography MySpace.

Groove Study Mega Mix Unplugged (meaning played by six acoustic grand pianos)

is going to be performed again by PianoCircus on 6th November at Rome University, Italy.


5 June 2007

Photographer debut!

Yumi has been incredibly busy doing lots of gigs (including her niece's wedding in Tokyo...she played 'And You And I' on the organ for bride's entry!), writing music and teaching this spring......also taking photos!! Please visit www.stevehowe.com Two stage photos of Steve Howe Trio are taken by Yumi during their UK tour.

More photos can be found at www.myspace.com/stevehowetrio The main image, all live photos (View My Pics section) and videos are by Yumi. Also the first photo appears in the slide show in Steve's MySpace www.myspace.com/guitarrondo

Until recently she had been busy being taken photos (see Films & modelling page), but Yumi used to take a lot of photographs and got some awards in baseball photography in Japan in the late '80s.


Yumi as performer dates:

Yumi will make two appearances at The Union Chapel in June following the success of solo performance in March. On Friday 15th June, Yumi (voice, organ, found sound) will perform with David Cross, ex-King Crimson electric violinist. There will be solos and duos. David's MySpace

On Saturday 23rd June, Yumi will perform with Michael Bonaventure (organ), plus Alquimia will perform a short set at the beginning. Yumi and Michael are currently developing a large scale work. This performance includes some 'try-outs' from the project. And of course, please expect some renditions of classic prog. Yumi's solo performance of 'I Talk To The Wind' is now on YouTube and already viewed by nearly a thousand people. watch video

Both of the above: 12.30 open and tea/coffee, biscuits are served, 13.00 performance start


Yumi as dancer date:

Believe it or not, another Frank Chickens date is confirmed...

Yumi will be performing as a dancer in two tunes with Frank Chickens at West End Live 07, Leicester Square, 24 June 2.15 pm


And Yumi as composer dates:

Pandora Ensemble has taken Yume no Yo ni (In This World of Dreams) for piano trio into their repertoire, originally written for Trio Japan and premiered back in 2001 and a CD is released in Japan. They will perform this gagaku-inspired piece (oh, yes, I did that back in those days...), based on Ryokan's tanka (oh, yes, I do admit I did that!) at Hellenic Centre on 22 June.

University of East London will launch Matrix East Research Lab (multimedia research centre with gallery space including loads of monitor screens with multi-channel projection capability), and Yumi's pieces for harpsichord, electronics and video will be performed by Jane Chapman at the launch evening on 26th June. Unfortunately, electronic keyboard instead of harpsichord this time. Pieces include Points of Departure Remix (based on Simon Emmerson's piece with video by VJ Gesuidoh) and Molecular Dance (video by Miwa). [cancelled: these videos now can be seen on YouTube, via DJ Anakonda Myspace]

And Yumi will be back in Corsham Festival!! Keynote+ (Kate Ryder & Jane Chapman) will perform Luminous for prepared piano & amplified clavichord on 29th June. They premiered this piece last autumn and they performed recently at UC Berkeley, using harpsichord instead of clavichord, and it has been reported that it also sounded lovely.





12 February 2007

A lot of gigs are coming up this spring.

Solo voice performance dates:

Solo voice performance at The Klinker South (Thursday 15th February at The Ivy House, 40 Stuart Rd, SE15, doors open 8.30pm - £5/£3 concessions). Yumi will perform a voice improvisation set based on Japanese lullabies and children's songs with pre-recorded found sound: waterfall, street noise, temple bells and cicadas... www.klinkerclub.info

Similar solo performance has been confirmed at East@West Wing Festival, Slough on Sat 3rd March 2007.

California mini tour:

Wed 4 April 2007 at University of California San Diego
San Diego, California

Yumi (vo) performs with Reiko Manabe, award winning flautist.

Sat 7 April 2007 at 21 Grand
416 25th St., Oakland, California CA 94612

Improvised performance with Jon Raskin, Liz Albee, Gino Robair.

Sun 8 April 2007 at Sacramento Audio Waffle at Del Paso Works
1001 Del Paso Blvd, Space #3, Sacramento, California 95815


Thu 12 April 2007 at Luggage Store Gallery
San Fransisco, California



Oh, Frank Chickens are back...:

Yumi will be performing as a dancer in two tunes with Frank Chickens

Fri 16 February 2007, 8pm at The Shunt! Lounge
Under London Bridge Station, London, SE1

Yumi performs in the 11pm set. Another set from 8pm. Be there early to avoid disappointment.


Sun 18 February, 8pm at Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House
Covent Garden, Bow Street, London, WC2E 9DD
Cost : £10 adult, £5 child, £8 students & ROH2 access list

Yumi will be performing two songs as a dancer with Frank Chickens.


Yumi Hara Cawkwell (as composer) dates:

Thu 8 March 2007 at Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H OXG

Kiku Day will premiere 3 pieces written for her and the ji-nashi shakuhachi specifically by Yumi Hara Cawkwell (Nota Bene, 2007), Mogens Christensen and Gabriel Erkoreka. Part of the SOAS Concert series.

Kiku Day: amplified shakuhachi

Keith Howard: amplified clavichord



Wed 25 April 2007 at St Olave's Church
Hart Street, London, EC3
Yumi's piece Yume no Yo ni (In This World of Dreams) for piano trio is performed by Pandora Ensemble.



Lemon Squeezer dates:

Thu 15 March 2007, 8.30pm at The Klinker South (Nunhead) at The Ivy House
40 Stuart Rd, London, SE15
£5/3 cons


Hideously gorgeous funky disco & MOR unplugged with newly developed repertoire of prog rock and electro.

Lemon Squeezer: Yumi Hara (vo, piano, battery driven Casio keyboard) and Matt Scott (accordion, piano, voice).

Lo-tech duo performs their favourites such as Je T'aime Moi Non Plus and Couid It Be Magic, plus prog, proto-prog and post-prog interpretations.

Mon 14 May 2007 at The Klinker at the Vortex

Yumi Hara (vo, piano, battery driven Casio keyboard) and Matt Scott (accordion, piano, voice) plus special guests.


6 January 2007

Yumi is going to present a paper at Music of Japan Today, UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County), 30-31 March.

Several gig dates are being booked in California in April. Watch this space!

25 December 2006

Vaseline Towers new date is now confirmed: Thursday 11th January at The Klinker (South) @ The Ivy House, 40 Stuart Rd, SE15, doors open 8.30pm - £5/£3 concessions. Yumi will sing several songs.

21 December 2006

Vaseline Towers at The Klinker (North) on the 26th December 2006 has been cancelled due to the venue problem. It may be rescheduled to the Klinker (South) in January...watch this space!

19 December 2006

Last minute booking! Yumi will sing several songs with Vaseline Towers at The Klinker (North) on the 26th December 2006.

Yumi (DJ Anakonda) will be DJing before and after PianoCircus performance at 93 FeetEast on the 17th January 2007. Expect gorgeous mix of Minimalist and Prog.

Yumi's MySpace is now up and running! There are some audio and video clips too!


4 November 2006

Presented by the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters, In association with BBC Radio 3, Sponsored by the Performing Right Society

Yumi's work for two pianos, commissioned by Kate Ryder and David Appleton, supported by the PRS Foundation,

That is SO a Good Look:

1. Very Prada, Darling
2. The Shape du Jour
3. Statement Heels
4. De Rigueur, Chérie
Best LBD Moments

has been nominated in instrumental solo and duo category.

The British Composer Awards enters its fourth year of celebrating, rewarding and profiling the work of classical composers in the UK and Northern Ireland. The Awards will take place on Friday 24th November at the Hayward Gallery on London's South Bank. On the same evening, the BBC Concert Orchestra will perform a programme of music by contemporary British composers at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and both the Awards ceremony and the concert will feature in a BBC Radio 3 broadcast on Monday 27th November.



Luminous for prepared piano and amplified clavichord was premiered by Kate Ryder and Jane Chapman at bmic Cutting Edge, 26th October, The Warehouse. The concert was sold out!!

2 October 2006

Yumi has completed Luminous for prepared piano and amplified clavichord, commissioned by Kate Ryder and Jane Chapman, supported by the Gen Foundation. Yumi handpicked lovely hair grabs, handbag with metallic chain strap, and bracelets to prepare the piano, and metallic lipstick container will be used to play inside clavichord... They will be captured by a video camera and projected so that the audience can see what is going on inside the piano. Preview at Morley College on 17th October, and proper premiere at bmic Cutting Edge, 26th October, The Warehouse, 7.30pm.

About The Cutting Edge concert above, Kate Ryder speaks to David Francis, senior producer of Contemporary Music Network, in spnm New Notes October issue (on the cover, it says 0906 for some reason), p. 07.

Kate & Jane will lead a workshop at Royal Academy of Music on Monday 13th November.

Hibernal for organ was performed by Michael Bonaventure at Sheffield Cathedral on 29th September. Another performance is scheduled on Monday 23rd, 1pm, at Southwark Cathedral, London.

Shakuhachi and clavichord piece commissioned by Kiku Day: premiere date has been confirmed: Thursday 8th March 2008 at SOAS.

Yumi will be performing at Dennis Austin tribute gig on Friday 20th October at the Klinker (North).

3 September 2006

Lemon Squeezer (Yumi Hara & Matt Scott) autumn date is confirmed: Tuesday 12th September 2006 at The Klinker (north).

Yumi took part in 'Karaoke Cabaret Lounge' presented by Kazuko Hohki & Frank Chickens at HOME event at The Theatre Museum, Covent Garden on 2nd September 2006, as a karaoke judge with Kazumi Taguchi (one of the original Frank Chickens), also sang 'Heart of Glass' by Blondie. The Frank Chickens performance was done by the third incarnation of Frank Chickens (Kazuko, Chika Nakagawa, Ray Hogan) plus Ricca Kawai (from the fourth incarnation) and some new recruits. It seems like it was the end of the fourth incarnation of Frank Chickens, and members from that era, such as Akiko Sato, Tomoko Minamizaki, Kinue Kato and Yumi are now becoming ex-member of Frank Chickens, although there was no consultation to these personnel.

18 August 2006

Yumi will be guest presenting ONKYODO, a programme of Japanese underground/alternative music, at Resonance 104.4 FM (central London), also at www.resonancefm.com (worldwide), on Tuesday 22nd August 8pm-9.30pm.


8 August 2006

New organ piece Hibernal (I. Climbing up the Frozen Waterfall, II. Light of the Distant Sun, III. Frost) will be premiered by Michael Bonaventure at All Saints Blackheath, Sun 13 Aug 2006, 5.30pm, free entry.

A rare performance as vocal and keyboard with Chris Biscoe (Cl, Fl) and Pete Flood (dr, perc, Farmyard Animals) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Thu 24 Aug 2006, 1.00pm, free entry. This gig is dedicated to Dennis Austin (perc) who died on 23rd July, was going to perform with us.

Yumi will be DJ-ing for 'Onkyodo' at Resonance FM, one of Tuesdays in August. Watch this space.

3 August 2006

Yumi has been appointed as Lecturer in Music at the University of East London. She will be teaching music theory, performance and production, improvisation and composition from September 2006. Would like to study with Yumi? Go to www.uel.ac.uk. Music programme is in the School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, and the undergraduate programme is called 'Music and Culture: Theory and Production'.

Yumi is currently writing a new piece for prepared piano and clavichord for Kate Ryder and Jane Chapman. Expect innovative use of feminine everyday objects for these instruments.

Yumi is going to start a big project for pipe organ and electric guitar, with possibly saxophones, percussion and choir.

Please see more details for new pieces in the Performance Dates page.

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