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between 2001 and 2007, Yumi were playing as a drum'n'bass DJ at Femi-9 (Public Life, Net Bar), Tokyo Mania (333) and Phat Bitch (The Dungeons), also as an experimental/abstract/chill DJ at Japanese Invasion (291), Media Lounge (Turnmills) and The Sound Source (Cargo). Her track Soran has been released in Shenanigans compilation from a French label La Mue.

her interest in drum'n'bass shifted to playing it live on accoustic piano, and here is an example (Chris Cutler & Yumi Hara)

15 September 2007

W, Nagoya, Japan (live PA)

17 January 2007

PianoCircus at 93 FeetEast

August 2006

Onkyodo at Resonance FM

March 2006

The Sound Source at Cargo  Points of Departure Anakonda Remix video

March 2004- March 2005

Female Pressure at BassDrive.com

March 2003

Divercity FM

Presented a radio art programme Tokyo Rose (revised)

March 2003

'Fast and Mellow' at Divercity FM

January 2002

Femi9product at Public Life, The Net Bar and Turnmills

April 2002 - December 2002

Tokyo Mania at 333

April 2002- July 2002

Japanese Invasion at 291

June 2002

Resonance FM

Presented a radio art programme Tokyo Rose

March 1997

Angel FM

April 1983 - March 1984

NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Society), Mito, Japan

Radio DJ and production assistant.

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