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20 Sept 2016, Official Rock In Opposition Festival '16 Review by Ian Carss

'an improv krautrock band made up of Zappi and Jean-Herve from Faust, Chris Cutler & Geoff Leigh from Henry Cow, plus Yumi Hara on piano, Geraldine Swayne on keys. They played a full hour of a general structure (rather than score) with sections of pure krautrock grind apparently about a rabbit dying having seen the bizarre pictogram flow chart that was the set list. Featured wood being chopped, bowls being drilled. Worked really really well, lots of fun and very entertaining. '


CD album Bat Pullover reviews

Sept 2016, ARS2 by Henryk Palczewski (Poland)

'avant-garde improvisations, construction of sound, images sound penetrating the expressive, hypnotically pulsating wall of sound.'


9 Oct 2016, by Keishiro Maki (Japan)

'A multi-national experimental / improvisational rock sextet JUMP FOR JOY! have been founded in 2014 by six musicians of singular energy - Yumi HARA (piano, keyboards, voices), Chris CUTLER (drums, percussion), Geoff LEIGH (flute, saxophones, electronics, voices) based upon avantgarde / RIO feata family, and three faUSters Jean-Hervé PÉRON (bass, voices), Zappi Werner DIERMAIER (drums, percussion), Geraldine SWAYNE (guitars, keyboards, voices). Honest to say, I'm afraid whether such a crazy great combo formed by six artists of individuality can get unified strictly so far, but damn, no concern needed. Found out they had smashed their identity together upon the stage and crystallized as a music gem altogether, that has been finally recorded and released.

What an illusive music council. The audience can get immersed completely in sorta "unpolished" beauty created with energetic instrumental portfolio by all talents of identity. Each musical magnification joins hands with others just like a cup of ice cream seasoned with deeply matured soy sauce (yum really). Wish I could have attended RIO Festival in 2016 ... always feel so every time I read Ian Carss' review for them (and realized he's a sincere man). Polyrhythmic (dissecthismic?) sound intervention leaning toward the RIO / avantgarde movement merged with Faust's Krautrock bizarre black magic experimentalism (that can be heard e.g. via "Soleil Cheval Malade" or so).


Every piece has great tension launched by brilliant drumming duo who sound like a singular single aloof percussionist. And Yumi's piano always dress an experimental / avantgarde / mystical elixir for the audience and themselves. Geoff's wind instruments have definite massive personality, presence and existence, all of which should be about to swallow everything down. Actually, every artist has his/her own musical and artistic vector, therefore it sounds like one would turn his/her face toward the very same (musical) direction, I consider their soundscape cannot be recommended for every RIO / Avant-progressive rock freak, but yes we can grab another innovative milestone via this creation. Try it..'

2 Nov 2016, United Mutations

30 Nov 2016, EURO ROCK PRESS Vol.71 by Atsushi Asano (Japan)

THE ARTAUD BEATS結成契機にもなったJean-Herve Peron主催Avantgarde Festivalにて'14年結成のJUMP FOR JOY!。PeronとZappiにGeraldine SwayneのfaUSt(Irmler側との差別化のための表記)組に、Yumi Hara、Geoff Reigh、Chris Cutlerの6人編成で、左右に分けてZappiのジャーマン系頑固リズムにCutlerの上ものドラムが重なるだけでも聴きものな上、ポリ・リズム系ピアノとジャーマン系サイケ・オルガンが対比を成し、



Radio broadcast and podcasts

3 Oct 2016, ARS2.pl (Henryk Palczewski, ARS2) [Put Put Epidemik, Situation Normal, Soleil Cheval]

13 Oct 2016, Podcast from the Yellow Room (Sid Smith) [Situation Normal]


14 Nov 2016, Battiti (RAI Radio 3, Italy) [Put Put Epidemik, Situation Normal]

16 Nov 2016, Battiti (RAI Radio 3, Italy) [Birds at the Dentist]





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